The mayor of Gmund, Helga Rosenmayer, the Ambassador of Spain in Austria, Alberto Carnero, the Archduke Andrés Salvador of Habsburg-Lorraine and the founder and director of the “Grupo pro Arte y Cultura” (PAC), Mayte Spinola, inaugurated the exhibition of the Group at the Castle of Gmund, Austria.

The “Grupo pro Arte y Cultura”, celebrated the 80th birthday of Archduke Andres Salvador of Habsburg-Lorraine in the Austrian town of Gmünd, in the presence of various local authorities, including the mayor of the town, Helga Rosenmayer, and the director of the PAC, Mayte Spinola.

The celebration coincides with the restoration carried out by members of the PAC of the church and the vestry of the castle of Archduke, destroyed by Soviet troops during the occupation in World War II and the donation of a collection of art, mostly Hispanic – painting, sculpture, engraving, digitographs … – to Archduke’s collection, presented in the castle of that city, to be visited by citizens and visitors.

The chapel of the Gmünd Castle was founded in 1382 by Dorothea Princess of Liechtenstein.

S.A.I.R. Andres Salvador of Habsburg – Lorraine and Salm-Salm (Castle Persenbeug, Austria, 1936), is Archduke, Prince of Tuscany, Hungary and Bohemia, Grand Master of the International Order of Saint Hubert, Knight of the Illustrious Order of the Golden Fleece of gold and the Order of Calatrava.

Andrés Archduke Salvador gave the certificates to the artists and in his speech after dinner celebration at the Hotel Sole-Felsen-Bad, reiterated his gratitude.

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