Liane Katsuki was born at Entre Ríos, Bahia, Brazil.
After the studies at the Fine Art Schools in her country (Salvador de Bahia), she perfections her formation at the Fine Art Schools in France (Paris and Toulouse). Today she is considered to be a jewelry designer and sculptress of high level.

She has lived in France, Brazil, Japan, Spain and the Netherlands, where she currently resides.

With more than two hundred exhibitions at different countries, between individual and group exhibitions, and in the possesion of important awards like “De Beers Diamond”, and “Tahitian Pearls Trophee” in jewelry, “Public Sculpture”, “Caja de Madrid”, “Fumcisa” and “Majadahonda” with sculpture, between others. She was also cooperating with important designers,  like f.i. the french Pierre Cardin for a spring-summer collection.

Since 2002, she is the Honorary President of the Spanish Association for Jewelry Designers “Joyas de Autor”.

She herself expresses her vision on Art in the following way: “….The artist is a precursor of his days, of his historical and social period. Like that, he should feel responsible towards his contemporarians and, above all, towards himself. The coherence of his art-work, his creativity cannot be dissociated of his view on the world. His mission should be the Truth, walking straight lines and lonely.

No concessions should be made. Upon the challenge, on triumph or failure, he should always follow his fundamental principles.My art-work is  created and breeded with emotion and equilibrium: Body and Soul, Hart and Justice.I don’t permit technical failures. Therefore, I look for the perfection within the most pure lenguage of the technique, respecting and dominating the materials which are permitting to me the exteriorizing of messages from my interior….”

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… Where do Liane Katsuki’s manifold talentes end?  She paints large canvases using vivid colours, undoubtedly belonging to her country of origin,Brazil.  She also works with glass, creating large multicoloured compositions which arq of a vibrating luminosity…
Felix-Faure Laurent. Art Critic and gallerist. The Hague – Holland.

...A beleza da carne é diagramada com a disciplina do designer, do construtor, sem os derramamentos românticos dos criadores de adereços, mas com a sutileza de um paginador de anatomias. Liane desenvolveu as possibilidades mágicas de seus simbolos…
Walmir Ayala. Crítico de arte, historiador e jornalista. Rio de Janeiro – Brasil.

… en Liane Katsuki se dan cita el juego, la sensualidad y el lujo partiendo de un concepto de elegancia e incluso de dandismo d’orsianos (particularmente en las joyas). La escultora introduce elementos geométricos, lineas más duras, tal vez más aproximadas al paisaje urbano. Sus bronces más recientes, por último, estan imbuidosde un misterio mucho mayor. Son formas totémicas intrincadasy sorprendentes, en las que el componente  sensual adquiere carácteres oníricosy simbólicos.
Javier Rubio Nomblot – Madrid.