Space Panel by Liane Katsuki

Space Panel by Liane Katsuki

Space Panel by Liane Katsuki, was located since 1979 in the extreme area of the Convention Center (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil), perfectly identified with the metallic structure of the building. This object has ten conjugated towers in a harmonious composition in galvanized iron and has great aesthetic beauty, especially when the 159 mobile and colored parts are rotating under the action of the wind. The object is 12 meters high and the rotating parts were made of fiberglass in different colors. Liane says that the idea arose within the party atmosphere of Bahia, especially the banners that decorate the alleys.

Colección Entreatos do MAM. Bahia Brasil

Entreatos do MAM Collection. Museum of Modern Art of Bahia

On Wednesday (March 8th), the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia (Brazil) will debut the Entreatos do MAM Collection program with an exhibition comprising 25 painters from different generations.
For the general director of Ipac, Luciana Mandelli, it is possible to perceive the importance of women artists.

In addition to Tarsila do Amaral and Ani Ganzala, the exhibition includes works by: Ana Elisa Egreja, Beth Sousa, Betty King, Celeste Almeida, Daniela Steele, Djanira Mota e Silva, Edsoleda Santos; Emma Valle, Isabela Seifarth, Ismênia Coaracy, Janaína Tschape, Liane Katsuki, Lili Hwa, Lise Forell, Lúcia Suanê. Lygia Milton, Márcia Abreu, Neuza Castro, Panmela Castro, Rosana Palazyan, Sônia Rangel, Sônia Von Bruscky and Yedamaria.

Earrings and Necklace

Earrings and Necklace "Spring in Bloom"

Earrings with a height of 11 cm, each earring consists of two pieces, usable independently.
925 sterling silver earrings and 9 round 3.5 mm gems: 1 amethyst, 2 rubies, 3 sapphires and 3 emeralds.
Necklace with a height of 30 cm in 925 sterling silver, bronze and 26 round 3.5 mm gems: 6 amethysts, 6 rubies, 6 sapphires and 8 emeralds